How do I find the Notion Database Link?

When you add a link, we show a step-by-step walkthrough to guide you in finding the Notion database link.

There are two approaches to get the Notion database link that you will be using for the automation, either if you are:

Using our template

  1. Duplicate our template to your Notion workspace
  2. Make sure the duplicated template is shared with Notion Automations
    By clicking on Share (top right of the Notion Window), Invite, Select Notion Automations
  3. Select the database
    On Notion, go to the database “ 🗓 Events”.
    Make sure you select a database, not a view or a page.

    Instruction go database

  4. Copy the database link
    Click on the three dots (•••) on the top right of the Notion Window, then "Copy link".

    Instruction Copy link

Using your custom database

  1. Share your custom database with "Notion Automations"
    Instructions Share
  2. Select the database on Notion
    Make sure you are selecting your database, not a view and not a page.
  3. Add two properties to your database:
    Date (type: date) if you do not have a date property yet
    Notion Automations Events Data (type: text)
    Instructions Fields
  4. Copy your database link
    Click on the three dots (•••) on the top right of the Notion Window, then "Copy link".
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