Link your Calendar Events with your CRM on Notion

With Notion Automations, you can link your Calendar events database with your CRM (Contacts database). So that you can quickly add attendees when you create a calendar event on Notion – but also know what calendar events are associated with every contact!

  1. You need to add a property on your Notion Calendar database called "Contacts" (type Relation), and link it with your CRM database.
  2. On your CRM database, create a property called "Notion Automations Contacts Data" (type Text), and make sure you have a property Email (type Email) that is set.
  3. Share the CRM database with the Notion Automations Integration.
  4. On your Notion Automations Settings, go to the "Field Mapping" section, and add a Field "Attendees Contact" and map it with the newly Contact property created on your events database.
  5. Retrigger the sync, by clicking on "Sync now", and let the magic happen ✨ 
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