How can I set default values when new events are created?

When a new event is inserted on your Notion, you can set up default values for that event, such as Page emoji icon, Select, Multi-select, Text, or Checkbox.


The values you will see in the drop-down list are based on those of the database you linked when setting the automation for the first time.

You can also change these settings on your automation settings. Here's how to do it:

  1. Enter your Notion Automations app dashboard. From the homepage, you can access it through the Go to application button.

  1. Click on My Automations on the upper right part of the screen (this is the default page when entering the app).

  1. Go to Google Calendar & Notion Sync.

  1. Scroll down to Default Notion Values

There, you can add and delete default Notion values for your database.

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